About me

Hello! I’m Rebecca. Your average 20 something year old girl who is not “out of shape” but seems to struggle on a daily basis to live healthy in a world that does not support making healthy life choices. I am also a chiropractor which means I have an idea of what to do to live a healthy life, yet knowledge is not always enough power and I find myself often struggling with what I know I should do and what is realist for my life. For instance, I know that I should work out 4-5 times but between balancing my friendships, my boyfriend, family, and starting my own business when do I have the time (or energy) to go for a run? I know what it means to eat healthy, but with such a small budget I can’t always afford the food I should be eating. These are the types of struggles I deal with on a daily bases, and I know that I am not alone.

On this blog I plan to share my experiences, the difficulty and success, in my life while I strive to live healthy. I will also share any strategies, tips, or advice I find along the way. Please share with me your struggles and triumphs, so that together we can help each other strive to life healthy in an unhealthy world.