Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is there Gluten Hidden in your food?

If you are not able to eat any gluten, or if you are just sensitive to it (women during pregnancy, Type I diabetics, those with IBS, ect) it’s important to know what foods are naturally gluten free and what foods might be have hidden gluten.  It’s common knowledge that bread had gluten but what about salad dressings, soy sauce, and ketchup? Do you have to buy the item that is certified gluten free or is the regular item naturally that way?  Here are a couple of foods that could have gluten hidden in them: soy sauce (gluten free brands LaChoy and Kari-out), salad dressing (gluten products are often used as a thickener), gravies/sauces, reduced-fat products, processed meats (modified starch are often used to bind the meat during processing), and ice cream (wheat is used to prevent crystals from forming).

In the following posts there will be more specific recommendations/suggestion for those who are completely intolerant to gluten and those who are just resistant to the product.

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