Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First post

First blog post. Not too sure what I should say, so I’ll just tell you what I plan to say in future posts. My plan is to share great recipes, tips and tricks and any advice I get on how to live a health life. Sometimes, my post may just be letting go of some of the frustration we all feel in our lives when our plans do not meet up with reality. Feel free to share some of your frustrations with me! Sometimes just saying something (or I guess typing) is a good way of letting go of it. With that being said, here are some of my current frustrations and issues to overcome when it comes to attempting to have a healthy life.
1.       Healthy food is really expensive! I like the way organic food tastes, I like that it lasts longer in my refrigerator, I do not like that it can cost twice as much. Also let’s talk about how much good quality meat/chicken cost, there goes my whole budget.
2.       Finding the time (and energy) to work out. I love to run and work out in theory because I always feel good after I do. The problem, finding the time in my day between juggling friends, family, a boyfriend and starting my own business to not only work out but then get showered and dressed.  Not to mention that the day afterwards I feel sore and that sense of feeling good because I worked out is a distant memory.
3.       I’m in my mid-20s so the typically “let’s go out together” with friends typically includes going out to eat. Problem, going out to eat is expensive and typically what you think the healthiest item is (salads) can be the unhealthiest. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly frustrated with the fact that I have no idea what items on a menu are health and trying to weight that with the cost.

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