Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lack of workout motivation

I’m having one of those day where I seem to continue to come up with any excuse under the sun for why I can’t work out today.

Excuse one: I haven’t eaten enough yet today. My thought process/justification is if I haven’t eaten lunch that I probably shouldn’t work out. The fact is I should just grab a granola bar, eat it in the car, and just lift weights.

Excuse two: I could get other earns done instead during this time. However, isn’t that what I said the other day and ended up doing something on the computer or watching tv? The fact is I need to stop procrastinating on both, my earns and going to the gym.

Excuse three: I didn’t sleep well so I’m tried. The fact is that working out will actually help to wake me up, the truth with this one is that I am just lazy.

Let’s be honest we’ve all used these excuses and even though I know better sometimes they work and like yesterday I found myself succumbing to the escape goats and not working out.  I hope you had better luck then me so far this week. How do you motivate yourself? I think I need better tricks… I’ll look into some and will share my findings later.

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