Friday, January 13, 2012

Too busy to eat

Do you ever have this problem… you’re at work either being productive or just doing busy work and suddenly look down at the clock and realize it’s 3pm and so far today you’ve only eaten an apple, a yogurt and a handful of nuts. Now when I tell most people my ‘problem’ they tend to laugh and say “Man I wish I had that problem! I do the opposite; I tend to eat mindlessly while I’m at my desk”. What might not seem like a problem to some is actually a big problem for me.  For those that have experienced this same thing know what I mean. What ends up happening is I either eat something fast, and usually not that healthy, or I don’t eat anything and by the time I eat dinner I’m ravenously hungry which of course results in horribly overeating followed by sitting on the couch lazily watching TV as I slip into my food coma.  

Neither of these situations are healthy, and yet I seem to be ‘forgetting’ to eat lunch more and more.  I’ve tried making my lunch the night before, carrying around healthy snacks, and leaving stuff at work to munch on when I’m hungry. Which helps but does not solve the problem. The big problem for me is that I don’t get hungry so I forget it’s lunch time. So, for those that experience this same phenomena any suggestions/advice are welcome!

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