Monday, February 20, 2012

An Excuse to Eat Chocolate.

What woman (and a good chunk of men) don’t love a good piece of chocolate?  It might seem like a stereotype but there is always a little truth in the rumors. There is actually a chemical reason why we, and especially women love chocolate. One reason is that it can cause women to release a hormone (endorphins) that makes them happy. Sorry men, this is a women specific thing, but also explains why women might crave this delicious treat once a month. Another reason for those chocolate cravings is because our body is actually craving some of the nutrients they hold.  Dark chocolate contains magnesium and is rich in flavanols which are a great anti-oxidant.  For those who are unfamiliar, anti-oxidants are important for removing free radicals that can make you prematurely age and damage your heart.  Sometimes when our body is low on a specific nutrient, like iron or magnesium, we will crave the foods that are high in that nutrient. It’s a primitive survival instinct that we’ve managed to hold onto. So the next time you are staring longingly at a bar of chocolate, perhaps your body is just telling you it needs something and who are we to deny it a little chocolate? Just remember, all good things should come in moderation.

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