Monday, February 13, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day so Indulge a Little

What are your plans for tomorrow? (For those that are really behind, tomorrow is Valentine’s day.)  Food for thought, making a homemade dessert together can be very romantic.  Now, you can enjoy the time spent together making the treat, and then the pleasure of indulging in them. Here are some ideas… chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, even chocolate chip cookies (whatever the both of you will enjoy) it should just been something that takes more than 2 minutes to make. Get creative, be inventive and add new ingredients, experiment.  Decorate them for each other. The idea is just to have fun with each other.  Personally, I like to make truffles. It’s actually pretty easy and allows you to be really creative. Also, it’s kind of fun to get your hands all chocolaty. Here is a good recipe if you’re interested in trying to make them for yourself. 

Looking to make your dessert a little healthier? Here is some advice.

1. If using chocolate, go for dark chocolate. It has more nutrients and you’ll want to eat less of it, but costs the same as milk chocolate.

2. If you’re vegan or just looking to cut out the cream, you can turn cashews into a cream like substance by letting them soak in water overnight and then blending them (here is a recipe).

3.  Try desserts that include fruit, such as chocolate covered strawberries, which allow you to indulge but not go overboard.

The trick is to remember that moderation is key. There is nothing wrong with enjoy a delicious desert every now and then, especially on valentine’s day, so long as you don’t go overboard with the portion size. 

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