Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleanse day 15: The 'good' and 'bad' of eatting out during a cleanse

I stink, I have been really bad about posting on my cleanse and for that I apologize.  A couple of days ago I sprained my wrist, it’s fine now but made it too difficult to type.  In addition to the wrist, I must admit that I haven’t had much to say about the cleanse.  In general , week two of the cleanse went well (with the exception of eating a little too much protein the first night and feeling sick).  With that being said here is something I noticed during the week that others might be able to relate to or learn from.

I was talking with my boyfriend, who is being a good supportive boyfriend and doing the cleanse with me, and saying how week two didn’t seem so bad to me and that I sort of felt like I was eating normal (and during a cleanse I felt like I should feel like I’m eating abnormal for some weird reason).  His reaction to this comment was funny (at least for me), “are you kidding me! There are so many foods I’m craving or haven’t been able to eat!”.   At that time I thought to myself, well maybe I just normally eat similar to this, but I was quickly brought back to reality and proved wrong later that night when I was out to eat for a girlfriends birthday.  My moment of clarity first arrived when the basket of bread was brought to the table. It smelled amazing! I wanted to eat it so bad, but in hindsight was glad that I couldn’t eat it or I would have over indulged.  The second moment can when looking at the menu.  I came across 2 items I could eat without modification and several more if I changed the side/asked for no cheese.   Then while eating and everyone had a glass of wine or a drink, I was the odd ball out. Later, everyone shared a dessert …. Everyone but sad me.  I kept looking longingly at the warm chocolate waffle and ice cream.

Again in hindsight I’m glad I couldn’t eat most of these things because it prevented me from over indulging and feeling stuffed, eating things I know I shouldn’t, and racking up a higher bill. I will admit while it was painful to watch everyone slowly pick away at their oh so yummy looking dessert it was really nice when the bill came and mine was half of anyone else’s.

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