Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cleanse Day 16: Really noticing things cleansing

It’s the beginning of the third week of the cleanse and I am now able to eat almost everything except gluten and sugar. While this originally seemed like it would be really easy (just no junk food or traditional desserts), it’s amazing how much stuff I still can’t eat.  I forget how much stuff has refined sugar in it or is breaded.  For instance last night I wanted to make warm apples (sort of like the stuff you find inside an apple pie) but realized that I couldn’t because you have to use sugar. I tried to make it anyway with agave nectar and it turned out ‘ok’ but nothing too spectacular.  I did however figure out a way to make a homemade granola bar that tastes amazing! It’s really easy and takes almost no prep time. The recipe I came up with is still a little too sweet for my taste so I’m still in the process of refining it, I will report back with recipe and picture when done.

During this week I have really started to notice my body removing all these toxins.  Over the past two weeks my body has been able to remove the toxins from various systems, but it is not until this week that it is able to get them out of my body.  The proof is on my face, literally! I am breaking out really bad and feel like I’m 16 again. I know this is just part of the cleansing process, but I must say it’s sort of embarrassing.  That being said, I feel great both physically and mental and am happy with my progress, I’ll just be even happier when my body is done punishing my face.

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