Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleanse Day 9: the difficulty of business lunchs during a cleanse

Today was the first day I have eaten out at a restaurant since beginning the cleanse.  It was a business lunch with a pre-set menu where I could choose one of four items.  This proved to be somewhat difficult since I wasn’t able to ask for something on the side and forced me to change what I would normally order. Typically I would have ordered the Greek Salad, but because I can’t have cheese this week I had to order chicken and rice instead. Normally, a meal comprised of just protein and rice is not ideal (where are the vegetables or fruit?) so I decided to just eat the meat and then ate some carrot sticks when I got home to round out the meal.

What I ate today…
Breakfast – apple and peanut butter
Snack – Greensfirst shake
Lunch – Grilled chicken with carrot sticks
Dinner –  Sautéed Kale, mushroom and asparagus risotto, and grilled shrimp. I cooked the Kale in a skillet with some olive oil, mushrooms, diced garlic and leeks. It was my first attempt at coking kale and it turned out great!

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