Friday, January 20, 2012

Cleanse Day 4: First dinner at a non-cleanse doing house

Last night I had dinner at my Dad’s house. I love going over there because there is always good food that is also healthy (along with the company), but I was a little nervous for last night because my boyfriend and I are doing the cleanse but he isn’t. He asked what I could eat, and was willing to be very accommodating but I was still a little hesitant. Luckily, my dad is amazing in the kitchen and came up with a great dinner!

What I ate….

Breakfast – banana and almonds
Snack – Greensfirst shake

Lunch – Moroccan Salad (same as the other day)

Snack – rest of the homemade vegetable soup and a clementine.

Dinner – Bean Stew with spinach salad (had cranberries, walnuts, and carrots with olive oil and salad vinegar).  

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