Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleanse Day 5 and 6: my two biggest difficulties

Confession time, I have been really bad about eating the past two days.  I still kept to the cleanse as far as not eating certain things, but I just did a bad job of eating. The first day (Friday) I ate plenty of fruit, nuts and beans but was definitely lacking in vegetables.  Vegetables are such an important part of a diet, even though I wasn’t eating anything ‘bad’ for me I still wasn’t eating the things I needed to provide me with the nutrients I need. The second day, I ate breakfast then got busy and didn’t eat again until dinner.  While doing a cleanse I should be eating more food than normal (because of the fact that it’s mostly fruits and vegetables) and not less.  So, here is my plan of attack for next week….

1.  Look up more recipes that involve vegetables.
2.  Pre-cut a bunch of veggies (carrots and celery mostly) for easy eating access when I want a snack
3.  Make sure my snacks are vegetable related.

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