Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleanse Day 7: getting creative with other forms of protein

Today is the last day of the first week, which means I can start adding proteins and rice back into my diet tomorrow. I must admit that I do not miss protein that much, but I am looking forward to having a larger pool of recipes to pull from.  During this week I have had to modify a lot of my previous recipes to fit the cleanse mold, and am excited to get back to an almost normal diet. Sadly chocolate will not be included until the last week… boo

Breakfast – half an apple and banana with some walnuts

Snack – other half of the apple and banana

Lunch – Carrots and Humus

Snack – Greensfirst shake

Dinner – Vegetable Quinoa (Quinoa looks similar to rice or coucous but is actually closely related to the spinach family. This item is high in protein and a great addition to a normally vegetarian meal), steamed broccoli, and one of the eggplants with humus and spinach from the other night. I had some extra eggplant leftover from the other night (just sliced, not cooked) so I made one of eggplant steaks.  

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