Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cleanse day 20: It’s easy to forget this close to the finish line

It was the easier of times, it was the hardest of times. This week has been both the easiest week to follow, and the hardest. How so? Almost all of my typical foods have been added back into diet … cheese, meat, rice, gluten free pasta, ect.  This has made planning meals and snacks so much easier. It has also made it much easier to do things with friends.  But, because I can eat almost ‘normally’, it’s very easy to forget that I’m still doing a cleanse program.  Case in point, today I was out with my boyfriend (who is also doing the program) and caught him with a cookie. My only response was “you know we’re stilling doing the cleanse right?” (he had in fact forgotten and immediately threw the cookie out). It was at this point I realized how easy it is to forget and quickly started thinking back to earlier that day and earlier in the week.  I don’t think I have ‘cheated’ on the program but to be honest I’m still not sure. Maybe the next time I do this program I’ll keep a daily log of the foods, that way when I get to week three it’s easier to remember that I’m still no suppose to eat certain things.

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